About For soldiers in love

All we do is give the dear soldiers who keep us all the most important thing – tefillin! The secret weapon of the Israel Defense Forces!

Dozens of soldiers turn to us every month asking for help getting tefillin so they can pray.

Lone soldiers, soldiers whose hand is out of reach, soldiers who have lost their tefillin.

We do our best to provide tefillin to anyone who needs it but it is never enough.

With your help we are able to win more soldiers every month and give them the power of faith and warm their hearts.

The soldiers sit in remote places and fight for their lives and our lives every day, please help us help them!


Any amount of money can be donated by credit card through the website (secure procedure) or by phone.

When donating, you can request a soul lift, a livelihood, etc. If you are interested in contacting us, please click here to go to the contact page